Welcome to Precision Blades. Sharpen like the Pro's SPRING HOURS IN EFFECT

Welcome to Precision Blades. Sharpen like the Pro's SPRING HOURS IN EFFECT

Welcome to Precision Blades. Sharpen like the Pro's SPRING HOURS IN EFFECTWelcome to Precision Blades. Sharpen like the Pro's SPRING HOURS IN EFFECTWelcome to Precision Blades. Sharpen like the Pro's SPRING HOURS IN EFFECT
Skate sharpening

About Us

Precision Blades provides quality & consistent skate sharpening using the patented MAXIMUM EDGE finish process and profiling system for all types of skates.  This is the same system used worldwide by over 300 professional hockey teams including those in the NHL. We are the only Hockey Service Centre in Oakville with exclusive membership to the MAXIMUM EDGE skate sharpening and profiling process.

We also utilize the latest technology in skate profiling, utilizing a ProSharp AS2001. This allows a set of blades to be shaped at the same time for absolute consistency. We employ the latest templates including the Quad series of profiles. 

 Precision Blades provides all aspects of skate maintenance for hockey players including blade replacement, holder and rivet replacement, skate baking, punching and stretching. We also offer sporting, leisure, and safety equipment sanitization using the FRESH GEAR sanitizing system.

Precision Blades is entering it's 8th year of business. It is owned and operated by Steve Hamel, an Oakville resident, former coach and proud supporter of its hockey community.

Skate Sharpening and Profiling

Sharpen Like The Pros

The MAXIMUM EDGE system used by Precision Blades is the most effective way to maximize skater control for hockey and figure skaters. MAXIMUM EDGE is the only process in existence that provides the consistent, predictable results that professionals and  serious skaters demand.  

Skaters should be in control of their skates. Skates should not control the skater. Each and every skate sharpened at Precision Blades undergoes a rigorous inspection where we check for square and damaged edges. The benefits of using the our system will give you an edge in your game!

  • No break-in period after sharpening
  • Edges stay sharper, longer
  • Reduced friction and fatigue
  • Increased speed
  • Improved center of gravity
  • No skate chatter on stops
  • Better control, turns, flows & acceleration
  • Increased confidence level in blade edges

The MAXIMUM EDGE  and Pro Sharp Profiling Systems increase speed and performance by putting the correct amount of blade on the ice. New skates out of the box rarely have the optimal blade ice contact and should be profiled to maximize the potential of the athlete and reduce the risk of injury.

With our systems, the profile of both skate blades are matched and customized to optimize the profile shape and blade/ice contact area.  We will factor in weight, height, alignment, skill level and position played, as well as compensate for any skating problems faced by the skater.  



Fresh Gear Equipment Sanitization

Using the Fresh Gear sanitizing process at Precision Blades is one of the best decisions an athlete can make! Items such as hockey pads & gloves, football uniforms, skates, shoes & cleats, boxing gloves, lifejackets and more can all be sanitized with the Fresh Gear system.Using regularly helps to:

  • Eliminate odour-causing bacteria and fungus
  • Reduce the risk of potential infection such as Staff and Mersa
  • Prolong the life of your sports gear. 

In as little as 20 minutes, sports gear can be properly sanitized using a patent-pending process that does not require any special oils, detergents or chemicals. Ozone (O3) - a 100% all-natural gas  - is used in the cleaning process.  It rapidly oxidizes bacteria it comes in contact with, then converts safely back into Oxygen (O2), leaving no nasty side effects for the environment.  This process effectively deodorizes, disinfects, and destroys pollutants, fungi, allergens, and odour-causing agents.

This process is also available for public safety officials and is an excellent way to effectively and safely clean items such as bulletproof vests and firefighter turnout gear.

Pricing: $50 per Bag of Gear (Nasty Stuff a little more!)


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