Skate Profiling


Profile $50.00 + hst = $56.50

Why Do It?

Profiling a skater’s blades is equally as important as consistent sharpening. A correct profile means better skater control which maximizes performance. Profiling is matching the blades to each other and to the skater. The profile of a blade is the shape of the blade from heel to toe. The shape should be a constant radius surface, providing optimal blade height for proper pitch.  

Skates out of the box rarely have a correct profile. Skates should be profiled when purchased, then once per year thereafter. While sharpening a skate using consistent pressure will not alter the profile significantly, over the course of time it may change slightly. So it is important to have them checked periodically.   

Precision Blades offers a variety of profiles for players and goalies, including straight profiles, combination profiles, and the Quad series of profiles. Come and see us and we can determine which is right for you! 

The Precision Blades process together with the Pro Sharp Profiling Systems increase speed and performance by putting the correct amount of blade on the ice.

With our systems, the profile of both skate blades are matched and customized to optimize the profile shape and blade/ice contact area.  We will factor in weight, height, alignment, skill level and position played, as well as compensate for any skating problems faced by the skater.