Sharpen Like The Pros


Single sharpening $8.85 + hst = $10

10 Pack card $79.65 + hst = $90


One of the most important things you can do to maximize the performance of a skater is to ensure their skates are sharpened and profiled correctly. Many people assume that it doesn’t matter where you get your skates sharpened or that new blades are perfect right out of the box. Unfortunately, neither statement is true.  

When skates are sharpened, the cutting wheel creates a radius on the bottom of the blade, creating four edges. An inside edge and an outside edge on each side of the blade. The deeper the radius, the sharper the blade.  For example, a ½” radius is sharper than 5/8”. A sharper blade provides more traction and bite, but also digs deeper and creates more friction. A shallower radius, while providing less bite, allows for increased speed. The key is to find a radius where the player feels confident on their edges and in control for starts, stops and turns. 

Consistency is key! The life span of a poorly sharpened blade can be less than half of blades sharpened and maintained properly. If skates are sharpened properly, the edges of the blade are perfectly square across the bottom where they contact the ice. If they are not square, it creates challenges for the skater. It is also important to remove all burrs from the blade edges and bottom. A simple stoning after a sharpen will not accomplish this, often resulting in a player feeling the skates are too sharp after service.  

People often ask how often skates should be sharpened. As a general rule it is about 5 hours on the ice. That said, if a blade comes into contact with hard objects such as steel or concrete, edges can be worn quickly, so it is important to check the skates after each outing. 

The system used by Precision Blades is the most effective way to maximize skater control for hockey and figure skaters. The Precision Blades process provides consistent, predictable results that professionals and serious skaters demand. 

Each and every skate sharpened at Precision Blades undergoes a rigorous inspection where we check for square and damaged edges. The benefits of using the our system will give you an edge in your game!

  • No break-in period after sharpening
  • Edges stay sharper, longer
  • Reduced friction and fatigue
  • Increased speed
  • Improved center of gravity
  • No skate chatter on stops
  • Better control, turns, flows & acceleration
  • Increased confidence level in blade edges

Skaters should be in control of their skates. Skates should not control the skater.